Getting stuck in behavior patterns can frustrate and bewilder the best of us. As a therapist, I offer individuals, couples, and families concrete and effective ways to spark new movement in a healthy direction.

I honor each individuals' experience of life, challenge the "norms" that keep us stuck, and foster hope toward healthy change. My Specialties include:

  • Chronic Anxiety and Feelings of Emptiness
  • Guy-friendly Style of Marriage Repair
  • Social and Emotional Regulation Skills
  • Left-brainer and Techie Support
  • Parent Coaching for Special-Needs Children
  • Families of Children with Autism
  • Teens and Adults with Aspergers
  • Pre-natal and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
  • Marriage, Decision, and Divorce Therapy
  • Co-parenting Communication after Divorce

Together, we will explore your unique life challenges and discover new and healthy ways of coping. In fact, I believe that when you reach out, you are really reaching in.

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