What my clients say...

"Beth is an amazing family therapist, with particular expertise helping families who are dealing with special-needs children. Not only is she kind, smart, funny, an excellent listener, and incredibly empathetic, she herself has a special-needs child so she totally 'gets it'. This allowed me to feel an instant rapport with Beth, and makes it so much easier to explain any issues that I'm grappling with.

The time I've spent with Beth in the past year has been so incredibly helpful to my own growth as a parent, and my ability to support and help my son. Leaving her office each week I feel as if the weight of my worries has been lifted off me for a time. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found her."


As an adult with Asperger's, I have found Beth's broad knowledge of Asperger's extremely helpful. I never knew I had it until my son was diagnosed with Asperger's when he was in elementary school. Beth has shown me how the Aspergian mind works, and I have been able to more fully understand my past difficulties and the way my mind works in the present.


"Beth is very much an answer to a prayer. I struggle daily to provide emotional support to my loved-ones who have special needs challenges. Beth has provided emotional support for me to allow me to have a stronger marriage and to stay emotionally healthy. It is amazing how she can get to the heart of an issue when I am not even sure how to vocalize my fear or concern. She is wonderful marriage therapist."


"Beth has a a natural affinity for working with children and families and a high level of expertise. She connects quickly with those she works with and has the ability to facilitate significant progress in a short amount of time. She is highly empathetic and insightful and gives practical and usable direction and advice.

I had the pleasure of working with her in the school setting and saw first hand the impact she had on the ability of the students she worked with to manage emotional and social challenges. They experienced decreased difficulties with peers and an increase in their ability to manage and regulate their emotional responses. In the second year of the 'lunch bunch' social program she facilitated I was visiting with one of her students and mentioned to him that he seemed to be having a good year. He said, "I don't know what's changed but it's so much better." I look forward to a continued partnership with Beth in service of our students' emotional and social growth. "


"Beth, Thank you for making POKA (support group for Parents Of Kids with Autism) such a healing, validating experience. You have helped so many of us truly break out of the isolation and form a community that really "gets it." You are insightful and caring. POKA is a gift, and so are you."


Sometimes we don't know what we are carrying until it has been lifted. Beth has the insight and listening skills to get that stuff off your heart and shoulders. Enjoy who you are, your life, and the people in it. Create a new reality. It's really pretty simple once given some insight. Beth truly has a gift and a passion to help.


"Every night at dinner my family tells "a rose and a thorn" from the day. My son's "rose" today was "The Lunch Bunch."

Some quotes I remember: "Number One: I like the leader (Beth). She likes feelings and she likes talking about feelings. She likes to make you feel comfortable. Number Two: I know everyone in the group! Number Three: We're going to build Legos." You know, before relationships get so subtle and academics get so abstract, NOW is the perfect time to lay a foundation for social and mental health. Well done, Beth!"


"Each time I leave Beth's office, I feel like I've been understood and listened to. We came to her in a time of great need and she has helped us put together the pieces back together. We can't thank her enough and feel so grateful we have her to help us in the rough times."